What is CryptoClipWatcher?

CryptoClipWatcher protects users from a threat which is becoming increasingly frequent: Clipboard Cryptojacking. It checks clipboard when its content matches any of the main cryptocurrency address types, and notifies users if the content copied to the clipboard has been inadvertently modified.

Ready to Use


By using CryptoClipWatcher, users will be notified about modifications made to any cryptocurrency addresses copied into the clipboard. Enhancing the awareness about security when users perform crypto transactions.

Simple and useful

This is a simple example of how to install and use CryptoClipWatcher, and how it alerts about any unwanted change in your clipboard.

Full control

By using CryptoClipWatcher, users may create a white list with the wallet addresses they usually want to interact with, avoiding crypto hijacking and tampering of legitimate transactions.



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Thank you for your interest in CryptoClipWatcher (CCW). Please drop a line if you have any questions or suggestions and we will get back to you very soon.